What You Need To Know About The HIV Screening Process

Are you worried about contracting HIV? Known as one of the most lethal sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the world, HIV has killed over 3.5 million people globally. Over 3.9 million people are currently living with HIV, and the numbers have ballooned significantly over the last few decades as more young people engage in unprotected sexual encounters. If you are worried that you have previously contracted HIV from your previous sexual encounters, it is recommended that you visit the best STD clinic in Singapore and get yourself a Singapore HIV test. You may be worried about what the test may encompass. This article will give you any important information that you will need to know about being screened for HIV.

  1. The tests will be confidential

Before the doctor begins the testing process, he will likely speak to you about why you are performing the test. During this short interview-like conversation, please feel comfortable to speak the truth about your sexual history and all your concerns. It is important that the doctor is privy to all this information because he will then be able to assess whether an STD test is even needed at all. He can also determine if you have any other STDs that you should be screened for. All information that you share with the doctor and the results of your HIV test will remain confidential. The results will not go on any public health records, and will only be visible within the clinic.

While all doctors will try their best to ensure that you are comfortable with the testing process, there are instances where patients are uncomfortable sharing their sexual history with their doctors. In such instances, you can request for a change in your doctor if you will feel more comfortable that way.

  1. Blood will need to be drawn

For the HIV test, the doctor will need to draw your blood. This means that a needle will need to be poked into a blood vessel, and it will hurt slightly. The more skilled the doctor, the less pain you will feel during the blood extraction process. When the blood is drawn, it will be taken to a lab, where they will test for the presence of HIV.

In the event that you are deathly afraid of needles, there is an alternative. There is an HIV test that only can test for the presence of HIV using only saliva. However, it is definitely not as accurate as the blood test. It is recommended that you consult your doctor about the saliva-based test to see whether it is a viable option for you.

  1. It will take a few days before the results are confirmed

Test results will take almost a week. After which, the STD clinic will arrange an appointment with you to meet your doctor for you to receive your results.

Please be assured that all STD doctors are trained in delivering the results to patients. They are also knowledgeable about what patients can do should they receive positive results. Do put your trust in the doctor to know what is best for your situation.

If you do receive a positive result, the doctor of the HIV clinic in Singapore will recommend a confirmation test in a few days’ time. He will also provide counsel on what actions you can take to help maintain your health.


An HIV test may seem daunting at first, but it is an important step towards good sexual health. Speak to a Singapore STD clinic today to ensure you’re right on track.

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