What You Need To Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you are experiencing pain in your genitalia, mouth or anus, it is possible that you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD). STDs are more common than most people might think. Almost all sexually active people have contracted an STD in their lifetime. Some STDs have lingering health impacts after they are cured and others may not even have a cure. Thus, it is important to know what you can do if you have an STD. Here are a few steps you can take if you think you have an STD.

Step 1: Visit an STD clinic

Seeing a doctor at an STD Clinic in Singapore is a fundamental step in treating the STD. Visiting an STD clinic is incredibly convenient as you can book an appointment with a phone call and see the clinic within the next few days. The doctors will be able to diagnose the STD from the symptoms exhibited and laboratory tests done. Then, they can prescribe relevant medications or recommend other forms of treatment. The doctor can also inform you of what you can do in order to minimise the pain you are feeling from the STD. STD clinics is essentially a one-stop clinic for all STD-related matters and you should make use of it fully.

Step 2: Take a few days off work

Some STD symptoms make it extremely painful to perform daily functions. For instance, if you have contracted chlamydia, your lower belly may be incredibly painful. Swollen and painful testicles are also a sign of chlamydia. These symptoms may require you to take a few days off work to recover.

Step 3: Talk about it with your sexual partner

If you are in a committed sexual relationship, it is important that you inform them that you have contracted an STD. After all, it is possible that they have also contracted the same STD during sexual intercourse with you. This may seem daunting and scary at first, but it should be done so as to protect your partner’s health and well being. When speaking to your partner, you should not automatically assume that one of you cheated on the other. Some STDs may not exhibit symptoms and so it can be hard to tell if the STD was contracted months ago. Speak about it calmly and be empathetic to what your partner has to say. The most important thing is to persuade them to get a STD test.


Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for your STD is crucial in ensuring the STD is properly cured. That is the reason why visiting an STD clinic is so important. The specialists who spend most of their lives helping patients with STDs are the best people to go to.

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