What Comes After Completing A Condo’s Top: The Checklist

Previously, we mentioned what TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) is – simply put, a prerequisite to CSC (Certificate of Statutory Completion), and a legal document to make sure the highest standards of building quality are maintained by fulfilling several requirements.

Once the TOP is over, and the CSC is acquired – it’s time to finally take action to prepare the move into your new home. If you haven’t decided on a condo yet – there’s the River Valley condo for sale. You can choose from a wide range of condo units, and settle on the unit size which fits your lifestyle needs best.

However, before you go into the selection of your condo – understanding what needs to be done after the completion of your condo’s TOP is important. Through this article, we’ve compiled a couple of tips to take note of when the move happens.

Furnish the condominium

When you finally confirm that everything inside the house is in order, it is now time to get the essentials. These may include sofas, TV, beddings, microwave, washing machine, curtains, dining set and a refrigerator.

You might not need to purchase items such as air conditioners, as they may already be present inside the condominium. You can equally liaise with the condominium management to see if they have a free servicing period.

Lease the apartment

Here, you might need some help from relevant experts in the field. When getting someone to manage your leasing needs, you need to consider a couple of things.

Firstly, you’ll need a strong agency who is able to handle all sorts of issues in the event that your house is open for tenancy in the future. You should also engage a responsive and highly punctual agent – trying checking past records from the company to check on his or her reliability.

Last but not least, your agent should have a wide network of tenants, so that he or she can get the right people to move into your house.

Review the tenancy agreement

Once you have decided on your tenant – it is no time to sign the intent letter. You will also need to review all the clauses inside the tenancy agreement. Also, it is necessary to create an inventory list of all the items present inside the condominium.

You should do this in the presence of both the tenant and agent, then have them both sign the agreement. Both parties will need to confirm that everything is in perfect condition before you hand over the keys to the apartment.

Handle the payments

After collecting the first month’s rent, in case you are working with an agent, give them a commission. Your property management team can handle all of the payments on your behalf. This includes collecting payments like the deposit and management fee.

Now that you have gotten a clear idea of what TOP is – it’s time to look for a condo; whether it’s still undergoing the TOP process or have completely undergone it. One such condo is the Starlight Suites located in River Valley. You can consider it as one of your options if you’re still on the search for a new home.

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