The Traditions Of Chinese Funeral Rites In Singapore

Chinese is the biggest community in Singapore. So, the Chinese funeral in Singapore is a very common service. The religious part of Chinese funeral has some forms and functions. During the funeral process, they must follow these religious forms. The proper funeral rites for the deceased is very important because according to Chinese traditional improper funeral process can bring misfortune to the family of the corpse. So, they try to follow strict rules and regulations. Depending on the tradition a funeral service Singapore is now easier.

Traditions of Chinese Funeral in Singapore: First comes the rank within the family in Buddhist funeral rites. The emphasis on the dead person depends on the position in the family. The older generation is not interested to arrange a funeral rite for the younger generation. They think that it is not necessary to offer funeral process for the younger member. Second, the unclean dead body is a matter of punishment in the Chinese tradition. They believe that an unclean dead body will punish them in the next life. They clean the corpse three times traditionally. Third, the duration of funeral ceremonies. The time of a funeral process completely depends on the family members. It is generally three, five, or seven days in length.

Part of Funeral Director: Singaporean Chinese are willing to complete a traditional funeral with a Funeral Director. It makes the process easier and it helps them to complete the party simply. The current Chinese generation in Singapore likes to do it with the help of others.

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