The Educational Aspects Of K-Dramas & Top K-Drama Picks

Korean dramas are all the rage due to their out-of-the-world storylines, feel-good romance, and swoon-worthy actors and actresses. From the ones that get you rolling on the floor laughing, to those that make you cry your eyes dry, Korean dramas come in all sorts of genres. For those looking for a change from your run-of-the-mill stories, you will be fascinated by the fantasy elements that have been popular in the K-drama realm. There have been dramas about mermaids, aliens, time travel, mind-reading powers – you name it, they have it.

Apart from being excellent binge-watching materials for a weekend of Netflix and chill, K-dramas are also great resources for those wanting to learn the Korean language. The conversations between characters are invaluable demonstrations of Korean language in use, and learners can also observe how speech differs across speech situations and formalities.

With the educational aspects of K-dramas, it means you can immerse yourself in them guiltlessly. The best thing is, many K-dramas are readily available on online streaming platforms along with subtitles. If you are ready to slurp up a new K-drama this weekend, here are some top picks:


Goblin is a romantic fantasy show featuring Gong Yoo as a goblin named Kim Shin. As a 993-year-old goblin, the leading character is cursed to roam the earth as an immortal. The only way to break this curse is by finding his bride – the only person in the world who can remove the sword planted in his chest, to bring an end to his life.

The conflicting nature of this premise makes for a heart-wrenching story full of questions. As Kim Shin finds his fated lover (acted by Kim Go-Eun), will she be able to fulfil his wish of letting him rest in peace? Apart from the cursed love story, the drama is elevated by breathtaking cinematography and stellar acting from the leads and supporting actors.

Descendants of the Sun

Set in the fictitious place of Urk, Descendants of the Sun is your typical K-drama love story, but intertwined in a war setting. The love story of a soldier and a doctor in a war-ravaged region is fraught with dangers and disputes about their views on life. Leads Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo successfully portray a dreamy and enviable romance in the drama, spurring many spin-offs, inspired wedding photoshoots, and more.

The spectacular cinematography in this drama has created many memorable scenes like the shoelace tying scene and helicopter scene. However, don’t expect too much in the military and action aspect of this show. While it doesn’t match up to the standard of execution of American war movies, it is still a laudable attempt to put a new spin on the classic Korean love story.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

A crowd-favourite amongst rom-com fans, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim follows the story of a narcissistic CEO (Park Seo-Joon) who falls in love with his secretary (Park Min-Young) after she decides to quit. Seeing them tide through misunderstandings and differences, their love story is an excellent example of what K-dramas are known for.

The natural chemistry between the eye candy couple stirs up all the feel-good, cheesy romance, while the golden comedic moments make the show a breezy watch. Although it might come across as cliché to some, this drama is still an addictive one that has worked itself to the top trending Korean drama on Google.

If you haven’t gotten these dramas in your watch list, you are definitely missing out. Do check out these must-watch K-dramas this weekend, and while you’re at it, why not pick up some new Korean words and phrases? Join us to further your Korean language skills and find other avid K-drama fans to learn together!

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