The Crucial Role of Customisation In Photo Booths

If you have decided to rent a photo booth for your event, you are likely in the search for the finest photo booth in Singapore. After all, you would want a vendor that is responsible, professional and skillful in handling the photo booth and all your guests. In Singapore, there are many vendors to choose from, each offering different services in their photo booths. The best ones will bring professional studio lighting to their photo booths. They might also offer integration with social media, allowing you and your guests to download the pictures online after they are taken. However, one important factor when it comes to deciding the best photo booth for your event is customisation. Customisability is very important in the modern day photo booth and here are a few reasons why.

Opportunities for creative expression

Giving your guests options in terms of props makes for a fun and liberating photo booth experience. A large library of props means guests can decide and direct how they want their photo to turn out. For example, they could haul in all the soft toys for a cute, whimsical photo. Or they could bring in the toy guns, toy swords and sunglasses for a more action-packed picture. Family photos are also made better with well-wishes placards, showing off the family bond. Besides showing off the guests’ creativity, the props also help to distinguish one group of guests from another, making each photo completely unique. Now that is an instant photo booth experience worth having at your event.

Bringing memories closer to you

Often at weddings, photo booths are rented. These wedding photo booths in Singapore tend to cater to those who want pictures to remember the wedding by. Photo booths excel at this, especially when the photo booth printout design and backdrop can be customised. Instead of having a photograph with a plain backdrop, it is possible to have a fully customised backdrop using a green screen. The backdrop can range from the couple’s first date venue to a custom-made background with special effects. If green screen backgrounds are not for you, you can opt to choose from a large variety of pre-made backdrops instead. They can truly alter the mood of the photograph. These include shimmery showgirl backdrops, cute pastel backdrops and even plain, mono-colored ones. The possibilities are endless. The customisability will surely make the photos truly memorable.

Branding for your event

For corporations, branding at events is very important. When guests take home the photograph, they should not only see themselves in the photo, but they should also be reminded of the great experience they had at the event hosted by the company. For this reason, the photo printout should be fully customisable to include the company and event’s slogan, tagline or logo. If otherwise preferred, you could also customise the entire design to be in line with the event’s theme. This makes the instant photo booth all the more perfect for spreading campaign messages, especially to exert social influence. The customisability of photo booths will surely make each picture a great takeaway for all guests.


Customisability is a must-have feature in any good photo booth. A photo booths offer all the features of customisation listed above: a large variety of props, custom backdrops and a specially made printout design. Contact us now to book our photo booths for your event!

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