How To Take Care And Maintain Your Luxury Timepiece

If you want anything to last, proper care and maintenance is a must. This principle applies to luxury watches as well.

Even the toughest and most sophisticated luxury watches need a bit of tender loving care, because watches are, after all, very delicate things. They might have shock absorption and water resistance, but even these mechanisms – along with the numerous small, moving parts of the watch movement – are prone to wear and tear as time goes by.

So, how should you take care of your luxury watch? Below, we share some tips on how to maintain your watches:

1. Know your watch

Different kinds of watches may need slightly different types of care, so it’s important to be familiar with the make of your watch. For example, knowing that quartz watches are battery-operated, if you own a quartz watch, you can expect to have to change out the battery every 1 or 2 years. In contrast, you need to know that manual-winding watches need to be wound often in order for it to run accurately.

2. Observe proper storage

In sunny and humid Singapore, moisture and harsh light is the greatest enemy of our items. High moisture levels can wreak havoc on watches, and prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can cause colors to fade. If you intend to wear the watch only occasionally, or store it for future trading purposes, you should place the watch in a safe, shaded, and humidity-controlled place.

3. Service regularly

Just as a car needs regular visits to the workshop, your watches need regular servicing as well. Servicing can help to clean the inside and outside of your watch, as well as lubricate the inner parts for smoother movement.

The frequency of servicing depends on the type of watch you have and how often you wear it. Generally, more complex devices like chronographs will require more frequent maintenance, while a simple quartz watch might only need servicing every 10 years.

4. Look for professional watch servicing

On the note of servicing, where you go for watch servicing is also a crucial point to note. For the best results, sending the watch back to the brand’s service centre is the ideal choice – however, this is often quite expensive, and might be impractical if there isn’t one near you.

A close alternative is looking for a reputable, professional watch service and repair centre near you. We don’t just sell watches, but we also service and repair them here for you.

5. Minimise exposure to elements

If you want your watch to remain in pristine condition, it is best to minimise its exposure to the elements by taking it off during risky activities where it may suffer hard knocks, water damage, and the like. Of course, some watches are meant to withstand tough conditions – but bear in mind that frequent exposure will also speed up their susceptibility to damage.

Other more innocuous things that could also damage your watch are your skincare, perfume, or even hand sanitiser. If possible, apply these products and wait for them to dry before putting on your watch.

If you realised your watch timing is going faster or slower, do not worry. It is a common problem due to the environment we are in. Electro-magnetic fields are everywhere and cause the mechanism inside to be magnetized. It is an indicator that it would require servicing.


These watch care tips apply for anything from a ladies’ gold watch to a men’s dress watch. Ultimately, how well you want to care for your watch also boils down to what you intend to do with it. If you want to keep it for a future sale or as an heirloom, proper care is necessary to keep the watch intact for a long time. If it just meant as an everyday watch, then more wear and tear can’t be helped.

Regardless, don’t neglect the importance of regular servicing for your luxury timepiece. If you have purchased any luxury watches like Ball Watch or Sarcar watches from us, don’t hesitate to return for watch maintenance and repairs.

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