How To Evaluate Your Options And Decide As A Physicist

While graduating from university is an exciting experience, selecting a career that suits your skills can be an overwhelming task for most graduates. Even though a physics degree can look lucrative on your CV, it does not mean choosing the right career path is a walk in the park. The fact that you have too many options available on your table is a good thing, but it can also be overwhelming.

Here’s how you can evaluate your options carefully to ensure that you are comfortable in the field you decide to take.

1. Finding ideas outside of classes

Compared to many other fields, physicists may find it easy to move into the job market. This is because they are excellent thinkers as well as complex problem solvers. As physicists are highly numerate logical and analytical, it can be the best role for you if you wish to take on challenges. In fact, some of the best options you can find involve getting ideas outside of classes or tuition.

Many companies devote money to research as physicists play a significant role in climate change and the reduction of carbon emission. As the world begins to move towards renewable energy, you can expect physicists to play a critical role.

2. Outside research

If being confined in a lab is not one of your favourite places to be, then you might consider venturing into science communication. This involves presenting scientific information to your fellow scientist of the general public. However, such positions and roles may require you to have an additional Master’s degree in communication skills. If you’d like, the opportunity to become a physics book publisher is available too.

Beyond science, many physics students may choose to focus on offering business services, education, consultancy, and manufacturing. Physics skills are transferable to various career paths outside of science. With their numeracy and analytical skills, they are able to quickly transfer their skills to others.

3. Teaching

Physicists with excellent communication skills can make a real impact by transferring knowledge to students. Even though becoming a teacher may require certifications beyond a physics degree, you can choose to offer physics tuition to willing students. Quality services will earn you a good reputation and an increase in the number of students under your watch.

As physics is a highly creative subject, you should provide your students with the latest study materials that they are unable to get in school. This can ensure you stand out from a market full of tutors.

4. Move out of your comfort zone

Even though physics is a lucrative course in the job market, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Utilize your university career service. There is plenty of information available that will help you in your job search. Also, the institute of physics provides career advice for physicists through telephone or email. The institute also gives you guidelines on how to create a good CV and tips for succeeding in an interview.


While a degree in physics gives you an excellent career opportunity, it takes more than just a degree to get a good job. Whatever you do, ensure that you use the subject to make the world a better place. Most importantly, look to choose something you enjoy doing rather than one that is the best paying.

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