How Mattresses Affect Your Quality of Sleep & General Health

At face value, most people will admit that they can be so tired that they just settle for any flat surface to take a slumber. As much as this may be true, sleeping on a quality mattress can improve your health and quality of sleep significantly. The body usually gets weak and less productive when you do not have quality sleep. This is why you need a comfy mattress to revitalize your system holistically and preserve your health.

Read on to find out how mattresses affect your health and quality of sleep.

Restful sleep can alleviate anxiety and stress

A good night’s sleep can be so refreshing and rejuvenating physically and mentally. When you sleep, there are a lot of hormones released by your body in variable amounts. Some of these hormones enhance a feel-good feeling and alleviate stress. There is also a positive energy that fills you when you sleep on a quality mattress.

No doubt, sleeping in an old and worn out mattress can cause severe discomfort and a lot of stress buildup. Having inadequate restful sleep may also lead to long-term complications of sleep deprivation which is closely linked to quite a number of psychological disorders.

The right type of mattress can help relieve your back pain and body aches

Nowadays, doctors and other health professionals will recommend certain specific mattresses depending on the condition you are suffering from. There are those king size mattresses categorized under orthopedic mattresses. These are recommended for patients with bone disorders because sleeping in such mattresses has been proven to have significant health benefits. If you choose your mattresses poorly, you may end up sleeping in misaligned positions which will contribute to immense body aches.

Old and unkempt mattress increases your risk to allergic reactions

Over time, foreign materials such as food particles, dust and debris will accumulate in your mattress. If you are prepared to handle these materials, you can vacuum your mattress at least twice every year. However, there are those people who may not vacuum their mattresses. What follows is an increased accumulation of substances which are potential allergens.

An allergen is a substance that can elicit an immune response when it is introduced in the body. These allergens can be very dangerous and potentially fatal to sensitive individuals because they can cause adverse allergic reactions. If you can clean your mattress regularly, be ready to replace it with a new one as soon as it gets excessively dirty.

Chronic back pains are common with old mattresses

Old mattresses are the commonest triggers of chronic back pains. Studies have shown that lower back pain patients who replaced their old beds with new ones exhibited significant relief in their lower back pains.  One way to know that your mattress is old is through the uneven surface of worn out mattresses. It makes sleeping very uncomfortable.

You can replace your mattress every 5 to 7 years. However, when your mattress is of good quality like pocket spring mattresses, it can last for a period of 10 years with full functionality.


Your health is very important. Studies have revealed that a restful sleep is one of the major contributing factors to good health which is why you should invest in one of the best mattresses in Singapore. Getting a good quality mattress will help improve your comfort when you sleep thereby contributing directly to your overall health.

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