Give Your Bedroom A Total Makeover During Circuit Breaker

Due to the current state of the world, it seems that everyone’s future remains uncertain. With the coronavirus pandemic, the closure of major social activities has meant that most people are advised to stay indoors and only to go out when they are purchasing essentials. This means that most people are currently spending most of their time at home. This has opened up an opportunity to not only revitalise the serenity of your bedroom but ensure that your bedroom can provide a cosy escape during this pandemic.

Can’t figure out where to start? Here are a few bedroom ideas you can implement.

1. Utilising dark colour schemes

Many dark colour schemes are the ideal colours for a bedroom space. With adequate dim lighting and neatly arranged furniture, your bedroom becomes a haven for a good night’s sleep. Dim lighting has been shown to speed up the onset of sleep. Giving your bedroom different shades of charcoal or grey can enhance its appeal and take comfort to the next level.

2. Installing temporary accessories

By installing temporary accessories in your bedroom, you can always change them easily when they are worn out or when you desire a different look. Having built-in features that are permanent gives you the flexibility required to design your space to suit your liking. From the ceiling light to the bedside table, you may want to enjoy a more individualistic appeal for extra comfort.

3. Acquire the best mattress for your needs

Do you currently own a queen bed with storage? Perhaps all you would need to do is find the right mattress for your needs! For example, a cooling mattress can be extremely effective in Singapore, especially if you are constantly having warm nights when sleeping. Whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress or a mattress for lower back pain, finding one that suits your needs is always the best match for any bedroom ideas you have. Our very own Chiro series mattresses offer support for lower backs, while providing all-round comfort and cooling.

4. Declutter your bedroom

No bedroom space is more appealing than one with zero clutter. To eliminate clutter from your bedroom, focus on keeping your space simple. This can be done effortlessly by reusing your bed or opting for a king size bed with storage. This way, you get an extra storage space to keep your essentials in the bedroom. What you will have is a clutter-free space that is polished and well-organised. Our range of mattresses come in various sizes so you can find the ideal one for your bed frame.

5. Creating a conducive bedroom

A proper bedroom is not just as conducive as the lighting and the mattress. The wall should also be in check. If you prefer a feminine look to your bedroom, you can choose a floral wallpaper for your bedroom. Your bedroom should look to be personalized to your own liking which can provide a mood-lifting effect. Most importantly, a conducive bedroom is one in which is paired well with your personal ideals and designs that you love.


Right now, most people are spending most of their time at home. Make use of your time by decorating and modifying your bedroom to make it conducive for sleeping to gain better rest. Moreover, you should be focused on making a cosier and comfier bedroom with a good and proper mattress. Shop online today and let us be your essential choice for comfort!

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