7 Things That Will Help You Decide On The Best Office Space

Today, to cut down and save costs, many businesses in Singapore are shifting over to flexible or co-working workspaces. Besides its cost-effective nature,serviced offices are highly suitable for small, large and freelance businesses. However, securing the best flexible office space for rent is a great challenge. You will have to look for an ideal location with proper amenities to run your business. Let us list down some of the factors you should look out for when acquiring flexible office space on rent in Singapore.

1. Cost

As mentioned, flexible office spaces are very cost-effective. Most of them charge per desk for each day spent. This might be a desirable option for freelancers and small businesses. If you have a large corporation, it would be more affordable for you to opt for the fixed desk option. Similarly, it is wise to compare prices of several spaces before making your final choice.

2. Communications and connectivity

It is imperative for your new flexible office space to have a fast and secure internet or WIFI. Aside from that, photocopiers, phones, printers and screens in meeting rooms should all be ideal and proper. The last thing you would want to face is an internet interruption during a video call. In other words, the connectivity and communications within the serviced office should be flawless.

3. Surrounding community

In a serviced office, there are high chances that you will share your workspace with other companies. That is why you should consider the surrounding community first before acquiring an office space for lease. Getting along in a shared space can be challenging. Nevertheless, quick research on your neighbour will give and provide you with a clearer view of what to expect.

4. Location

When it comes to a business premise, the location is highly important. The location has to not only be convenient for the employees but the clients as well. An ideal location for your flexible office space would be one that is in a central spot, well-accessible by public transport. This will bring great convenience to your employees and help to boost productivity. With high productivity and efficient services, your company will certainly leave behind a good impression on clients.

5. Flexibility

Before securing a flexible office space, you ought to ascertain its flexibility first. Shared office spaces come with different arrangements such as fixed desks, private offices and hot desks. If your business is based on freelancing or minimal time is spent in the office, a hot desk would be a great option. Fixed desks have a standardized feel to them, although they are less flexible. Lastly, private offices may be a little costly, but they serve as a suitable place for peaceful discussions among your employees.

6. Size

The price and location of the premises will define its size. Moreover, you have to consider the various needs of your employees when deciding on the size of the office space. Seventy square feet per person would be ideal for moderately sized desks and a little room for storage. In addition to that, you have to set aside some room for rest and meeting spaces. Do keep in mind that your employees need to interact and mingle around in between work. In addition, you may have to hold meetings with your clients in the office as well.

7. Infrastructure

There are several vital amenities that your rental office space should have. This includes postal services, telephone and internet connection. All these services ought to be fully functional and reliable as you will be utilizing them when reaching out to your clients. Therefore, it is important for you to find out whether these services are catered for in the rental office space.

All in all, you will never go wrong by paying top priority to the attributes that are of most importance to your business.

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