6 Furniture Tips To Boosting Office Productivity

Office life doesn’t have to be all work and no play – not when you have the right furniture to turn any office into a productivity powerhouse!

In fact, how you furnish your office can affect the mood and mindset of your employees. With open-concept offices looking more hang-out than hardline, innovative companies like Facebook and Google are championing the idea that inspiring workspaces can boost creativity and productivity – which only mean good things for your bottom-line!

So, say goodbye to cookie-cutter cubicles! Here are some tips to turn your office from dull to wow.

Colour Speaks

Colours evoke an emotional and psychological reaction, so it’s no surprise it can affect our productivity. The takeaway? Offices should be mindful when picking the colours of their furniture and walls, since colour psychology tells us colours like yellow and orange can encourage communication and boost creativity, whilst green can soothe and relieve stress.

An easy way to add a dash of colour is through Wall Art. The Loco Framed Canvas is a prime example: because we know the best ideas come from the people who are a little crazy. Place this in meetings rooms or collaborating spaces for a burst of energy.

For a lush calming effect, consider the Ceylan Framed Canvas. These pieces evoke the tranquillity of nature, which helps to calm the mood amid deadlines and high-pressure situations.

Better Layout = Better Way to Work

Inspiring offices tend to have well-balanced layouts with separate spaces for work, rest and play. But organizing spaces doesn’t always require opaque walls or partitions, which can make your office look cramped.

A stylish and functional furniture alternative is to use a chic, display shelf! It’s a great place to store work documents and display interesting décor pieces while keeping the office layout conversational and free-flowing. The beautiful solid-oak Campbell Shelf or George Tall Shelf is a great centerpiece for this very purpose.

Another space-saving booster is to create small, accessible spots for quick discussions. We know that sometimes face-to-face dialogue is more efficient, and having discussion spots for a group of 2 or 3 means they don’t have to hog meeting rooms! One idea is to have an island counter paired with counter chairs or bar stools – they’re also great spaces to host guests!

The Right Kind of Support

We spend most time seated on office chairs so it’s important they’re of good quality and value. Instead of the usual sombre black chairs, keep the workplace fun with something just as comfy but a little more casual.

For chairs with a playful twist, the Sander Office Chair is fresh, modern and comes in 3 different shades. Have a mix of each so that everyone gets to choose the colour they prefer!

Meeting Table by Day, Lunch Table by Noon

Don’t overlook the lunch table! A well-furnished pantry area easily doubles up as an informal meeting spot when mealtime is over. We recommend tables that are linear in design with slim corner legs. They look best lined up next to each other, thus making them perfect pantry, meeting or even hot desking tables!

Simple and spacious, the Albert Dining Table’s polished rubber wood top provides ample space for both mealtimes and meetings. Add the Albert Bench to accommodate as many people as possible!

Want a touch of sophistication? The Bryce Dining Table is a stylish choice for a snazzy office. It’s carved from solid American walnut, allowing a slim-line design without compromising on strength. Plus, its slender corner legs offer plenty of leg room, and look great with the Doris Bench.

Time to Refuel

Who doesn’t love the pantry cupboard? They’re the fuel bar the office runs on, from morning perk-me-ups to tea-time munchies. Sideboards with covered shelves as well as drawers allow you to store everything an office pantry needs – sugar sachets, coffee stirrers, cutlery and plenty of snacks. Set a microwave oven and coffee machine on top and you’re ready to go!

The popular Miles Sideboard 160cm is not only functional, its approachable design puts a smile on anyone’s face. Its drawers are situated at the top for easy access, and its internal shelving is roomy is adjustable for all your storage needs.

For a smart and sleek option, the Alfred Sideboard and Alfred Bar Cabinet pull off the ‘office professional’ aesthetic excellently. Can we say power lunch?

When after-hours roll around, an office bar cabinet is not only essential for securely storing bottles, glasses and tableware, it also provides a stylish gathering spot to socialize and unwind.

So This Is What A Second Home Feels Like

We spend at least half of our waking hours at work on a weekday, so it’s no wonder the office is often termed a ‘second home’. To keep employees working their best, it’s important they feel at ease, or shall we say feel ‘at home’.

Inspiring offices often have a relaxation corner where staff can take a breather or let loose at lunch time. Start with a Sofa Bed – they are affordable, comfortable and great for power naps.

TV Consoles are synonymous with happy corners, because it’s where you can unwind with some lunchtime gaming or after-work entertainment. Take your pick from our range – from unique and eclectic, to chic and sophisticated.

Lastly, don’t forget to add some poufs and bean bags! Not only are they portable seating for any space, they’re fun to lounge on. Our new Alex Bean bag wraps and contours to your body, and comes in four fun-tastic colours!

The truth is this: there is no need to fork out thousands to furnish a great office. You simply need a little ingenuity, a clever use of space, and the right furniture to get the job done. Easy peasy!

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