5 Tips To Organise Your Warehouse For A Small Business

The organisation of warehouses is essential, especially for small businesses, because it is responsible for keeping the supply chain intact and running with efficiency.

And that starts with maintaining your inventory levels to meet demand. When you’re able to properly organise your warehouse, you’ll find it much easier to search, pick, pack and ship the right product to the right customer, while providing quality customer service and fast shipping times.

Efficiency inventory management is crucial because businesses today are dealing with huge competitors like Amazon that has expensive resources and large distribution hubs to ship to customers quicker. With that said, small businesses can still optimise their warehouse space and get products out the door efficiently. Even with limited resources, the one advantage small businesses have is the ability to modify processes a lot quicker as compared to larger organisations.

Let’s explore some of the tips below to help you maximise the productivity of your warehouse.

Be wise in deciding the layout

Settling for a good layout at your warehouse will significantly improve your efficiency and solve the majority of your problems with the warehouse organization. When storing your items, keep those that are moving fast closer to you while those that move less frequently should be stored towards the back. It would help if you also structured your warehouse in categories such that items that are alike or those that are used for similar purposes are stored together.

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Consider efficiency when storing your items

In most cases, businesses may face limited floor space for their warehouse. Therefore, maximising on the available floor space is essential to store as many products as possible. Your storage strategy should be both vertical and horizontal to utilise every available space. Where possible, you can use storage bins as they also double up to protect your products from damage.

Ease of access to products should be your priority

When organising your warehouse, items should be easy to locate and pick when they are needed. A lot of time and hassle is saved when your warehouse employees can identify the items easily and quickly. When items can always be found in the right spot, employees won’t have to waste time wandering the warehouse in search for the product.

Ease of access also means that the packaging area should be located closer to the docking area to make loading easier. With picking and shipping more quickly done, it gets orders out the door to customers faster.

Adopt the latest technology

Technology has significantly improved the efficiency of doing business. When you have enough capital to invest, automation can play a significant role in your supply chain to boost productivity.

The process of picking, packing and shipping can be improved, such as with the use of barcode scanning technology. Warehouse staff can scan items during the pick process to identify and verity the product while sorting them into the respective bin and shelf locations. This reduces the element of human error and helps to keep track of inventory in real-time, so you’ll know what you have on hand to fulfill customers’ orders.

Review your operations frequently

The only way to know whether or not your warehouse is working optimally is to review your operations as regularly as you can. You can then use the findings to improve the areas that need additional attention. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your business can also help you strategise on how to expand.

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