3 Different Types Of Marine Fire Extinguishers In Singapore

Safety should not be compromised anywhere, whether at land, sea, or air. If you are going in between the oceans, you should take all the safety measures as there won’t be any external help immediately. For this, a marine fire extinguisher is developed that are used in boats and ships to survive the fire situation.

If you live in Singapore, it is a must for you to have a marine fire extinguisher in your ship to obey the government’s laws. There have been three types of marine fire extinguishers used in Singapore, which have been discussed below:

1. Foam Fire Extinguishers

The foam fire extinguishers help immediately by stopping the oxygen from reaching the fire. It becomes a wall between the fire and the oxygen that prevents an increase in a fire resulting in an immediate cooling effect. It is useful for the fire of Class A and B grade in Singapore’s policy.

2. Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers

If you have electrical equipment in your ship, then this type of marine fire extinguisher will be the most helpful for you. The dry chemical, sodium bicarbonate present in the fire extinguisher, extinguishes the fire and prevents the loss of property and material. This type of marine fire extinguisher can also be effective in both class A and B.

3. CO 2 Fire Extinguishers

If your ship has some material or liquid that can result in a fire, then install a CO 2 fire extinguisher in your boat and place it near the combustible material. If any mishap happens, this type of marine extinguisher will quickly snuff the fire. Marine fire extinguishers are most important for your safety when you will have no help in the sea. Install the fire extinguishers and maintain them timely so that you abide by the laws of Singapore and keep yourself, people, and property safe.


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